Sunday, November 15, 2015



The artists of Art Hus would like to thank everyone for coming to our little open house party last Saturday 7th, and also thank you for your continued support of Local Artists.

T H A N K  Y O U ! ! !

Glass topped side table
Diane Reese

Accent table by Diane Reese

Just new to Art Hus is Diane Reese who refurbishes small tables, trays, stools and benches into multi-media collage works of art.

With surgical precision and an eye for detail, she cuts and combines images, creating colorful, fun and humorous scenes.

Accent furniture with a flair!

In addition, Diane and her husband produce canned jams, jellies, chutney, salsas, fruit butters, marinara sauce, relish and BBQ sauce in their own kitchen.

Cottage-Licensed, they use only fresh local produce to make their delicious goodies.
Now available at
Art Hus!

Come see what other handmade gifts
we have at
New creations coming in all the time.

Surf Beach Soap is back,
made by Lee Avillanoza.

Current scents available are
Just Beachy
Sunshiny Day
Cranberry Orange
Apple Jack.

Diana Reid
New box by Diana Reid, includes two trays. Made from recycled oak lumber.

Cindy Knight

A chorus of new angels
Cindy Knight.

Gabe Bustamante

A crop of new turned-wood
Gabe Bustamante.

Primavera, by Susan Buchanan


check out the new 

C H R I S T M A S  O R N A M E N T S.

Hand-blown glass ones
by guest artist Loretta Eby,

raku pinecones by
J. Davis Studio, makers of
Spirit Rattles...

PLUS dozens of other
handcrafted heirlooms,
new ones arriving everyday!

Heart by Mary Stanley
Check back soon!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Solvang Holiday Marketplace!

We're so excited ! !

Okay, we know you're all busy, 
                                         but to help you
                      get a jump start on your
                                              holiday shopping,
                                                                                we're throwing a little

                                     party / open house / artwalk...

Saturday, November 7th, 10am to 5pm
475 First Street Courtyard
featuring the
                              of  Art Hus!

Come on down to the First Street courtyard

                                                       have some lunch

           enjoy smoothies & ice cream,
                                                                   and rock out to some groovy '60s tunes

                                                     spun by a real Live DJ!

                                                                          Music starts at noon.

Christmas will be here before you know it, so

Don't leave that shopping till the last minute!


19 more days till Halloween.

Great pumpkins by Cindy Knight

Hooked jack o'lantern
Mary Stanley

Cindy Knight

See ya !

Monday, September 28, 2015


L O O K ! ! !

There's blood on the moon....

Okay actually it was a supermoon lunar eclipse, Sunday night, but what timing!

Mary Stanley

Yes, if you've been tuning into our FB page 
you know many artists at Art Hus
have already been preparing for
 Halloween / Day of the Dead.

Greeting cards
Carol Copelan

It's gloriously spooky around here, so please hurry down and get your spook on before it's gone.

Fortune telling Floozy Monster
Syd McCutcheon

Syd McCutcheon

Cute and creepy, expertly balanced
by Syd McCutcheon.

Cindy Knight

Seriously, would any holiday
be complete without one of
Cindy Knight's
vintage creations?

Pins featuring vintage imagery
Cindy Knight
Haunt your house with Cindy's paper mache

jack o'lanterns 
sugar skulls, 

                                                                         sparkling with personality, humor and glitter.
Cindy Knight

Cindy Knight

Ceramic raven box by Susie Dunbar

Susie Dunbar

Susie Dunbar just changed
her wall for fall, with her
ever popular
Day of the Dead
hand painted tiles.

Susie, hard at work

Susie Dunbar

They come beautifully framed...
or mounted on boxes.

Susie also makes custom wedding boxes.
Halloween ROCKS !
~Mary Stanley~

Susie Dunbar
Wedding box

Hand painted blocks, Syd McCutcheon

Man from Macau, mixed media
Susan Buchanan

Ceramic shots
Armando de la Rocha

And don't forget

Day of the Dead

ceramics by guest artist

Armando de la Rocha.

Armando de la Rocha

Quoth the raven....


Sunday, September 13, 2015

September Treasures

Fox by Mary Stanley
What's new??
                                                                       I'm so glad you asked!

Dawn Shute

Our newest artist Dawn Shute presents
her graphically wonderful pottery,

hand built, with sgraffito and
bold color schemes.

Dawn Shute

Wall Pocket, Dawn Shute

Wall pockets...
          vases that hang on the wall.

Dawn Shute

Dawn also works in several other mediums.

Dawn Shute

The jewelry elves have been fabulously busy,
( busy I can't even keep up with them!)

Diana Paul
Faceted rose quarts,
mixed watermelon tourmaline
Diana Paul
Ancient Roman glass, pink pearls, Japanese braided cord

Diana Paul

Diana Paul

Diana Paul
Freshwater pearls:
silver keshi and black peacock

Deborah Simpson

Deborah Simpson

Deborah Simpson
Bracelet detail, with torch worked beads and pearl

Jade Gunnarson, pendant

Jade Gunnarson

I know, you can't wait for Christmas...        

Neither can we ! !

Seeds of Thought
Guest artist Ellen Sachtschale
calls her organic ceramic creations

       'Seeds of Thought' (larger, with bead)
'Seeds of Gratitude' (smaller, sans-bead).

Seeds of Gratitude

Each seed comes with ribbon of
artisan paper, wound around
cinnamon stick, upon which you 
can write notes of thanks and support 
to special folks in your life.
A portion of proceeds from your purchase
goes toward meals for the hungry.

Ellen Sachtschale

Potpourri bowl

Potpourri bowl

Ellen also makes earthy candle holders
and potpourri bowls.

Sylvia Coppala

And finally... 
guest artist Sylvia Coppala makes these
lovely earthenware soap dispensers,
with screw top pumps.

Functional and soulful, they make great gifts!

Sylvia Coppala

By the way, if you're visiting Solvang from out of state,
can you please bring us some rain?
We seem to be all out.

Coming soooon....