Sunday, November 15, 2015



The artists of Art Hus would like to thank everyone for coming to our little open house party last Saturday 7th, and also thank you for your continued support of Local Artists.

T H A N K  Y O U ! ! !

Glass topped side table
Diane Reese

Accent table by Diane Reese

Just new to Art Hus is Diane Reese who refurbishes small tables, trays, stools and benches into multi-media collage works of art.

With surgical precision and an eye for detail, she cuts and combines images, creating colorful, fun and humorous scenes.

Accent furniture with a flair!

In addition, Diane and her husband produce canned jams, jellies, chutney, salsas, fruit butters, marinara sauce, relish and BBQ sauce in their own kitchen.

Cottage-Licensed, they use only fresh local produce to make their delicious goodies.
Now available at
Art Hus!

Come see what other handmade gifts
we have at
New creations coming in all the time.

Surf Beach Soap is back,
made by Lee Avillanoza.

Current scents available are
Just Beachy
Sunshiny Day
Cranberry Orange
Apple Jack.

Diana Reid
New box by Diana Reid, includes two trays. Made from recycled oak lumber.

Cindy Knight

A chorus of new angels
Cindy Knight.

Gabe Bustamante

A crop of new turned-wood
Gabe Bustamante.

Primavera, by Susan Buchanan


check out the new 

C H R I S T M A S  O R N A M E N T S.

Hand-blown glass ones
by guest artist Loretta Eby,

raku pinecones by
J. Davis Studio, makers of
Spirit Rattles...

PLUS dozens of other
handcrafted heirlooms,
new ones arriving everyday!

Heart by Mary Stanley
Check back soon!