Monday, August 3, 2015

Guest Artists at Art Hus

Happy Summer!

Jeanne Dana, wall & garden art

Hey, this posting is overdue...
I've been wanting to draw attention to some new
Guest Artists
we have here at Art Hus. Many are local to Santa Barbara County,
and some are outside the area.
Cup/vase, Irene Estrin

Sake bottle by Irene Estrin

Irene Estrin's hand-built pottery features organic forms and textures, no two pieces alike. She stamps the clay with objects found in nature: seeds, leaves, driftwood, pinecones... even star fish! She begins by layering the flattened coils of clay, letting her hands decide what shape it will be. Some pieces take a number of days to make because she lets them dry a little before adding more layers, so the piece doesn't collapse from weight.


Fish dish, Cheryl Johnson

Fish, Cheryl Johnson
Fish, Cheryl Johnson
Fused glass artist Cheryl Johnson is inspired
 by nature and the sea. Her wonderfully stylized fish dishes come to life through a variety of advanced fusing techniques and glass.

She also makes wall-mounted versions.

Armando de la Rocha, vase

Cat mug

Day of the Dead mug
Armando de la Rocha's style of fun, functional folk pottery is very popular here in the Santa Barbara area, and incorporates some Day of the Dead themes.

Mosaics by Kelly Aaro

Picture frame

Kelly Aaron makes some of the most original and inspired mosaics I've seen. Drawing upon her large palette of ephemera gathered from thrift stores, Kelly relishes the textures and patterns of the ceramic shards, as well as color, utilizing bits of found printing and makers' marks. She incorporates vintage jewelry and tchotchkes into her work, embellishing with beads, buttons, marbles and other found objects.

White picture frame

Mosaics by Kelly Aaron


J. Davis Studios


                                      SPIRIT RATTLES are back!

See ya soon!

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