Monday, September 28, 2015


L O O K ! ! !

There's blood on the moon....

Okay actually it was a supermoon lunar eclipse, Sunday night, but what timing!

Mary Stanley

Yes, if you've been tuning into our FB page 
you know many artists at Art Hus
have already been preparing for
 Halloween / Day of the Dead.

Greeting cards
Carol Copelan

It's gloriously spooky around here, so please hurry down and get your spook on before it's gone.

Fortune telling Floozy Monster
Syd McCutcheon

Syd McCutcheon

Cute and creepy, expertly balanced
by Syd McCutcheon.

Cindy Knight

Seriously, would any holiday
be complete without one of
Cindy Knight's
vintage creations?

Pins featuring vintage imagery
Cindy Knight
Haunt your house with Cindy's paper mache

jack o'lanterns 
sugar skulls, 

                                                                         sparkling with personality, humor and glitter.
Cindy Knight

Cindy Knight

Ceramic raven box by Susie Dunbar

Susie Dunbar

Susie Dunbar just changed
her wall for fall, with her
ever popular
Day of the Dead
hand painted tiles.

Susie, hard at work

Susie Dunbar

They come beautifully framed...
or mounted on boxes.

Susie also makes custom wedding boxes.
Halloween ROCKS !
~Mary Stanley~

Susie Dunbar
Wedding box

Hand painted blocks, Syd McCutcheon

Man from Macau, mixed media
Susan Buchanan

Ceramic shots
Armando de la Rocha

And don't forget

Day of the Dead

ceramics by guest artist

Armando de la Rocha.

Armando de la Rocha

Quoth the raven....


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